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Based on 423 reviews
Route Package Protection
raymon blackmon

Route Package Protection


Straight a$$ made me want to commit

did not receive the mighty mint bar even tho i payed for it



Little wonky trying to charge, otherwise nice battery.

Bang XXL Strawberry Ice Cream

Air Bar Lux Strawberry Kiwi

Air Bar Lux Strawberry Kiwi
Christina Vergara
Great flavor low battery

I absolutely love this flavor! Very sweet and mild hitting. The only downfall would be that the battery died after about 3 days.

Been 2 and a half weeks and still haven’t gotten in it

I’ve been waiting patiently and from the other reviews from the store it said it would ship fast but it hasn’t even been picked up by the usps service and I need it to be delivered in canada

Wasn’t neon rain. Some off brand neon rain

I bought 2 neon rains and they both don’t taste right and the color isn’t right.

Route Package Protection

Bad Taste

Had terrible taste. Burnt like

Route Package Protection

Wish I could return

The clouds are nice and it's easy to use but my first pod was burnt out after the first day of use. I barely used it too maybe like 20 puffs at least and it was burnt out instantly. Thankfully they provide a second pod so i can use it still but I feel like i just bought an overpriced disposable. Definitely not worth 30$. Wish I could return it.

Good product

It shipped fast plus it tasted good. It died very fast though, but still a good product.

Hyde Rebel Recharge Spearmint

Vmod 2 Battery
Nick Bendy
Mmmmmmm good af

That shit was absolutely amazing

First time trying

I got these to have something indoors where you can't smoke and these do the trick. They're pretty small so no one can notice you have it and it releases a pleasant taste.


Strong but buss

Cali Burn G
Caleb Panasyuk
Caliburn G (Niconthelow)

Definitely the best seller around, bought multiple times and every order has been spot on along with fast shipping, product arrived and everything worked as intended. 100% recommend buying from this site, will not disappoint.

Good hits

It tastes like actual watermelon and it came a few days sooner than it was supposed to. Definitely very happy with this purchase.

It was okay

I liked at first but now it just burns my throat and I’m used to ice. I think it’s just the lemonade part isnt all that good.


In my opinion this flavor isn't the greatest, but the actual mod itself hits beautifully.

too sweet

if you are a fan of sweet juice's then you'll be a fan of this vape juice.


honestly fire

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